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Squeeze: from the Collection Sudden Victims

© Copyright 2000 by Dennis Latham From the story collection Sudden Victims 2008 Originally published in

After the court hearing, Gina seemed on edge during the ride to dinner. She had changed during our six-month separation. The gray streaks had been dyed black, and she wore bright red lipstick. A green dress, cinched tight at the waist by a thin green belt, accented her weight loss and made her eyes bright emeralds. "You look a lot younger."             She stared out the passenger window. "So do you, Michael."             "Younger?"             "Full of yourself." She glanced at me before turning away.             "Thanks. I guess your new lover bends to your every need."           I realized then how much she had wanted out. The hurt punched my chest. It would be easy to hate her, but I keep such emotion locked up, especially now.             "Can we just drop it?" she said.             "Just making conversati…

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