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The 5 Most Dangerous Jobs In America

1. Police Officer (Job was always dangerous but has now made it to the top of the list as criminal behavior, terrorism, and anarchy are the new norm for some people.)
2. Preacher Wife (Being the wife of a preacher has a high mortality rate, an unusual number of preacher wives die under mysterious circumstances, disappear, or are  murdered. Women: think twice before you marry that smooth talking preacher. When he gets a jealous woman on the side, known as a *THOT, your days are numbered.  Start sleeping with a gun.)
3. Dog Ball Checker (Indiana has a dog ball tax, 2.00 for female dogs and 4.00 for male dogs, paid yearly. If you lie and get caught, you can be charged with perjury for not claiming dogs or lying about gender. Someone has to check dog balls in every county. Since dogs don't like strangers checking their balls without a fight, this is a very dangerous job. There have been 17 dog ball checkers disabled in 2015.)
4. Tickling Buttholes (This dangerous job can also lead to arrest, see abov…

There Is No Real Deficit

I've never heard anyone say: "I better hold back some of my money to help pay the deficit."
Did anyone ever tell you they had dreams about the deficit? Yet, all you ever hear about from politicians is the deficit, like we should be concerned. There is no deficit. 
We just print more money. When Nixon took us off the gold standard and nothing backed our money up that's when real corruption began. 
The Social Security Fund hasn't existed since President Johnson took the money during Vietnam. It's just another tax. How can you run out of money for an account that doesn't exist? How can you have a deficit when you print your own money? The Federal Reserve and the government tax us on money they print and pay themselves back with interest on money they print. They don't really have to tax us at all. Income tax was supposed to be a temporary thing. When you print your own money why do you need to tax people?
It's all a scam. 
Obama gave his friends a billion …

A Bomb, An SKS, And The Viet Cong Flag

In Vietnam we had the Phantom Jet for close air support. While on operations, the jets would drop bombs in front of us, especially, if we were about to enter a Viet Cong village or enemy soldiers were in the open. Close air support was often an understatement. The pilots had to be good to keep from killing us along with the enemy.

The Phantom would scream over, tilt up and drop a 500 pound bomb that looked like a wobbling cigar. A black smoke cloud would rise, and then the shock wave, a living thing, would ripple outward. You could see it coming, like an ocean wave, right before you heard the heart rate altering blast. Then shrapnel would patter down on your head, often mixed with minute fragments of anything else the bomb destroyed, including people. It was the only time I ever felt sorry for the enemy; humans should never be exposed to such destructive power. That's how I got the paper VC flag in the picture. An enemy soldier ran out of a straw hootch just as the bomb landed on h…

Vietnam: The Liberty Bridge

(This entry has had a lot of comments, and I'm glad it can help bring Nam vets together or to help find each other. If you have a comment, please attach your name to the comment or from this point forward it won't be published. I've received many comments that are phony and obviously made up, submitted by anonymous submission. I do screen all comments. Click the photo to enlarge. Semper Fi.)
This is the Liberty Bridge (click to make larger) in Quang Nam Province in Vietnam during July of 1968. Of the 14,000 Marines killed in Vietnam, 10,000 were killed in Quang Nam Province. (Figures in comment section show a little under 7000 KIA in Quang Nam.) This was late in my tour on July 2. The bridge had been blown once again by the enemy to isolate the Marine base at An Hoa. I was a 50 caliber machine gunner on a convoy to resupply the An Hoa Firebase.

I called this the River Styx because it had a ferry boat. Once you crossed the river you entered a nightmare hell on earth called …

New Year's Resolutions

The end of an era?

New Year's Resolutions
This year I'm once again on New up skydiving, rock climbing, any Alfredo sauce, alcohol, watching all pro football, peeing outside, and most gambling. It's a tough call. And since I'm a man, keeping my hand away from my crotch. (Back in the 50s that's all we had to play with most of the time.) 

Tough habits to break.

An Excerpt From A Book You'll Never Read: Beware of Gangsters Named Elmo