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An Excerpt From A Book You'll Never Read: Beware of Gangsters Named Elmo

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The Latham Bipod Christmas Special: An Answer To Shaky Hands

The King of Guilford Santa Program (Real or False)

As soon as I find the missing manuscript, I'll write some more on the tales of Guilford. But until then, a Guilford Santa may be coming your way.

From my King of Guilford...or is it fiction?

Hire a Guilford Santa This Year...or maybe not.

Give Us Your Muskets, Please...

Give Us Your Muskets
Last Night on Fox News I saw a guy who represented some anti-gun group led by Gabby Gifford. They want to ban muzzle-loaders as weapons of mass destruction. They claim that equipping a muzzle-loader with a silencer will make someone able to become a mass shooter.

They don't care that a silencer does not completely muffle a gunshot or doesn't make sense to put a silencer on a powder flintlock.

They don't care that it is a single shot cap and ball weapon.

They don't care or understand that it takes at least a minute or two between each shot to rig a muzzle-loader to fire again, making it the least likely to be a weapon of any kind of mass destruction.

All they care about is trying to regulate the deadly muzzle-loader because it fires a .50 caliber ball. Next they will ban any mention of the Revolutionary War in schools as evil because of muskets.

I can see it now...muggers with flintlocks, or street gangs doing drive-by with silenced flintlocks.

This is tot…

Squeeze: from the Collection Sudden Victims

© Copyright 2000 by Dennis Latham From the story collection Sudden Victims 2008 Originally published in

After the court hearing, Gina seemed on edge during the ride to dinner. She had changed during our six-month separation. The gray streaks had been dyed black, and she wore bright red lipstick. A green dress, cinched tight at the waist by a thin green belt, accented her weight loss and made her eyes bright emeralds. "You look a lot younger."             She stared out the passenger window. "So do you, Michael."             "Younger?"             "Full of yourself." She glanced at me before turning away.             "Thanks. I guess your new lover bends to your every need."           I realized then how much she had wanted out. The hurt punched my chest. It would be easy to hate her, but I keep such emotion locked up, especially now.             "Can we just drop it?" she said.             "Just making conversati…

Spirits Quiet Lately: Must Be On Vacation

The Spirits On Vacation

Nothing new to report this week. All the spirits in our house have been quiet for weeks. They do that at times, and just when we think they are gone they will show up again. Our dining room is like a train station for the other side. It fills up at times, and then empties out for awhile. 
I wake up early, but I never get up between 3 and 4 am if I can help it. I believe there is more activity during this time. Everything with ghosts seems to happen around the number 3. Has to do with the Holy Trinity. I believe it. We have had too much going on here over the years to deny it.

Kill, Kill, Kill: A True Marine Boot Camp Story